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You’ve just found the BEST Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center … we prove it with only 6 clients at a time.

It’s real, a “home like” environment in a beautiful water front location. Small, private and individual attention equals a healthy recovery, at last.

Our focus is a customized recovery program that’s designed for each client’s specific needs. By keeping our program small we’re able to establish a solid bond that gives clients the best chance of permanent recovery and freedom from addiction. When you first arrive at Bayshore you’ll be impressed by its scenic views. Bayshore Retreat was created first as a place where one would want to be while going through this life changing experience. Next, we put everything into it that would help them achieve optimum health and long term success. We offer a unique holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment along with traditional therapy techniques that address the mind, body and spirit. Dollar for dollar no one offers more. To see interviews and more visit Click on Alabama Professionals – Addiction Treatment/Bayshore Retreat. Check our Facebook page for more about Bayshore Retreat.

Family Group

Our Philosophy

At Bayshore we believe that whatever works for an individual is the key to that individual. The drug and  alcohol treatment at Bayshore is continually evolving, rather than using 12 step as our program, we strive for health and wellness in mind, body and spirit.
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Living Room

Our Facility

Doesn’t look like a Rehab, doesn’t feel like a Rehab. It doesn’t have to. Think about it: It’s what goes on inside that makes it a rehab. “Care”, “treatment”, and “understanding” while its occupants work through the issues that brought them to this point in life.
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Our Program

Drug and alcohol treatment at Bayshore Retreat encompasses your physical well-being as well as your mental and spiritual. Health is our first concern. We believe that a healthy body, mind and spirit are the best tools one can have to prevent relapse. We don’t buy into the concept 12 step meetings or using other drugs are the only ways to combat drug and alcohol  addiction. Read More

Listed as  one of the Best Rehabs by Psychology Today

Here Are at Least Five Differences:

1. True individualized programs to effectively deal with the root of addiction.

2. Accelerated treatment to heal the body, mind and spirit.

3. Home like environment with only six (6) clients at a time.

4. Over 30 hours master level and peer counseling weekly.

5. You’re treated with dignity and respect, with 3 to 1 staff to client ratio.


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