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Welcome to a drug and alcohol treatment center as unique as you are.

Our home environment and non-12 step program for drug or alcohol addiction takes the fear out of rehab.

Our mission is to provide quality care and help those who want to change their life from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. We use the latest scientific research and a solution based program for drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our clients receive the best overall value and chance of recovery.

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Who We Are

Who Are We? We’re probably like you. Bayshore Retreat was forged out of the experiences of living with addiction. We are the loved one who doesn’t know what to do. We are the mother, the father, the spouse, the sibling or the child who can see what’s happening to the loved one, but who doesn’t know what to do. We are the one being eaten from the inside out of guilt, anger, frustration and fear. We are the one who stays awake at night hoping for, and at the same time dreading a phone call. We are also the one who spends those sleepless nights searching the internet for help with our addict or addiction.



Our 3 to 1 ratio of staff to clients, proves CARE is number 1. Bayshore Retreat’s staff has many years in dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and the issues that accompany it. Their experience stems from personal, some having dealt with addictions personally and/or with family members. It’s also from having worked in numerous other rehab centers and seeing what was ‘good’ and ‘not good’.


We are improving everyday.

Bayshore Retreat is a in-patient, residential drug and alcohol treatment facility licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families Services. Not only has Bayshore met the stringent guidelines of this department, it regularly passes numerous health and safety inspections, receiving high marks in all.

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