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Looking for help with addiction? You found it.  Bayshore Retreat in Destin, Florida. We’re a small, private drug treatment center that focuses on the individual.

Our mission is to provide quality care for those who truly want to get their life on track from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. We do this by limiting our clients to as few as six at a time in a home-like environment. Bayshore Retreat is as unique as you are. Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Our focus is on the individual with a customized recovery program that’s designed for his or her specific needs.

2. By keeping our program to small groups, we’re able to establish a solid bond that gives clients the best chance of permanent recovery and freedom from addiction.

3. Our location in beautiful Destin, Florida provides a easy access by vehicle or flights into three major airports.  

We put everything into our drug treatment center that will help our clients achieve optimum health, self esteem and long term success. We offer a unique holistic drug and alcohol addiction treatment along with traditional therapy techniques that address the mind, body and spirit. Our Quality vs Quantity approach to alcohol and drug treatment provides the best overall value and chance of recovery.

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Our Philosophy

Since no two individuals have the same background, at Bayshore Retreat we believe that many aspects need to be considered for treatment. Such as:

  •  Master’s Level counseling
  •  Varying forms of counseling
  •  Real life activities
  •  Respectful treatment
  •  Holistic approach to health
  •  Healthy body = Healthy mind
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Our Program

Drug and alcohol treatment at Bayshore Retreat in beautiful Destin, Florida encompasses the physical well-being as well as the mental and spiritual. Health is our first concern. We believe that a healthy body and mind are the best tools one can have to prevent relapse. Our focus is also on getting to the root of the addiction, as well as the development of coping skills to prevent relapse. Read More

Our Facility

While it offers the Gulf breeze and clean Florida air, it’s so much more than a Florida ‘get away’. It’s a true “get away” from addiction retreat. Here are a few of the things we provide:

  • Gourmet meals
  • True waterfront location
  • Comfortable home-like setting
  • Business center with fax, wifi, etc.
  • Kayaks, boat, and dock facilities
  • Minutes from the Gulf beaches

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Featured in “Psychology Today” as a Partner in Hope.

Here Are at Least Six Differences:

1. True individualized programs to effectively deal with the root of addiction.

2. Accelerated treatment to heal the body, mind and spirit.

3. Home-like environment.

4. Over 30 hours master level and peer counseling weekly.

5. You’re treated with dignity and respect, with 3 to 1 staff to client ratio.

6. Real life activities to help you embrace life drug free.

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Destin’s Bayshore Retreat is here to help restore lives with dignity and respect.