The Facility

Even our look spells HOPE. Our true home environment begins the healing process the moment you arrive at our neighborhood setting in Destin, Florida. No sign will greet you saying “Drug Treatment Center”. Some call it a luxury drug treatment center and by comparison to most, we are.


Doesn’t look like a Rehab – Doesn’t feel like a Rehab

It doesn’t have to. Think about it… Why should a rehab facility be a motel or institution? How depressing can that get? It’s what goes on inside that makes it a rehab. Care – treatment – and understanding while its occupants work through the issues that brought them to this point in life.


Each bedroom has its own private bath and flat screen color TV. Some clients share with one other client, some don’t – it depends on the composition of the clients there at the time, age, gender, and need.

Living and dining areas


The large living and dining areas provide a common space for socializing and sharing. You’ll especially enjoy the open kitchen where gourmet meals are prepared by our chef. The refrigerator and pantry are kept fully stocked with healthful snacks and drinks. A daily shopping list is posted for you and the other clients to add desired items. The outside grill and patio area provide a comfortable escape to smoke or just relax.


Reading nook and counseling


You will find a reading nook on the second floor landing stocked with a wide variety of books or to use as a quiet get away. The third floor offers the most impressive view of the bayou and Choctawhatchee Bay just beyond. It also serves as a counseling room for individual or group sessions or as a another personal escape, when not in use.

Private dock


Our private dock provides opportunities for fishing, paddle boarding, and/or kayaking. It also houses our boat. The sheltered bayou allows easy access to the bay for other water sports. It’s also only a short boat ride to the harbor for dining and sightseeing.

Security and Privacy


There’s no sign or outward evidence of Bayshore Retreat being a drug treatment center. However, there are strict guidelines for coming and going. Except for the open back of the property on a small bayou, the grounds are fenced to provide privacy. Likewise the facility features the latest security systems and 24 hour staffing to ensure your safety, privacy, and comfort.

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Bayshore Retreat provides a quiet, discreet treatment for individuals with addiction. We believe treatment shouldn’t be a punishment this is why offer you our home for your recovery. You shouldn’t have to room with or share a bathroom with 3 or more strangers, eat cafeteria-style food or have to visit a vending machine when you want a snack.  We believe that working through addiction in a positive home environment will help in the transition back to the “real world.”

Come enjoy the comforts of home in the most beautiful part of Florida… we’re only a phone call away. Call 850-687-6831 today.