About Us

Jeff and JudyWho Are We?

Well, we are you. We’ve been the drug addict at his or her wit’s end, knowing his or her life has been reduced to nothing but lies, cover-ups, and excuses. We, like you, knew that our lives weren’t right, but we also lacked the strength or humility to admit we were beat. Oh sure,  we could fake normality. We went to work. We paid our bills. We had everyone fooled, right? Wrong.

Who Else Are We?

Well, we are you. We are the loved one who doesn’t know what to do. We are the mother, the father, the spouse, the sibling or the child who can see what’s happening to the loved one, but who doesn’t want to act out of fear of hurting or alienating that person. We are the one being eaten from the inside out of guilt, anger, frustration and fear. We are the one who stays awake at night hoping, and at the same time dreading that the phone might ring.

Personally: We Are a Mother and Son who have traveled the road you are on now. We’ve dealt with professional and financial problems resulting from drug and alcohol addiction. We’ve had the same frustrations, concerns, anxiety, anger, regrets and remorse that you’re having.

We’ve also lost friends to death with drugs and alcohol, regrettably far too many.

We’ve also come out on the other side. Finding the right place and type of treatment was daunting, to say the least. We know the guilt and humilation that one feels from the attitudes of others. Our goal is to help as many as possible by doing it with as few as possible at a time. We know that this may be difficult, but if the end result is TRUE help for those who seek it – it’s worth it. We also know that the large rehabs or those that are impersonal don’t work. Neither does the ‘out patient’ treatment that so many insurance companies require. Been there, done that. We salute those who make it through AA  and find the answers to their addiction – but, it’s not for everyone and it doesn’t address all the issues that lead to addiction and or distructive behavior.

Our personal struggles and experiences led us to create Bayshore Retreat. First as a place that would be peaceful and inviting… next to put everything into it that would help our clients discover themselves and address their addiction individually. We know what works and frankly, we’re more concerned about quality than quantity, as is proven by only having six clients at a time.

If you wish to speak to the Mother, Judy. Call her cell phone at 850-687-6831… we welcome your call and will do everything possible to help.