Researching Rehabs

A Family’s Research of 135 Treatment Centers Most people do some sort of research before deciding on a particular drug treatment center for themselves or a loved one. One such family took it to the highest level possible. They created a spreadsheet of approximately 135 treatment centers they wanted to consider for their son. After
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Rehab and Recovery

Rehab and Recovery What does it really mean? First of all the two shouldn’t be confused as being the same. They’re not. Rehab, at its best, is getting a person clean and sober for a minimum of 30 days from something that has been controlling his or her life – drugs and/or alcohol treatment at
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Drug Rehab Confusion

Which Pill Works? Should I Drink or Not? It’s understandable why some people don’t get the help they need when they finally reach the point of realizing they need it. All one has to do is spend a few minutes, make that hours, searching for a good drug treatment center. There is so much confusion
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