Drug & Alcohol Recovery - Plan for Sobriety

After Care

Bayshore Retreat’s drug and alcohol treatment program is a Non-12 Step integrated holistic approach to a better life. Treatment is customized to each individual.

We value the 12 step philosophy as a means for some of our clients to maintain his or her sobriety once they’ve left Bayshore Retreat, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some clients have chosen other sources of support such as working with an individual therapist and attending support groups.

Years of living with an addiction doesn’t end when clients leave Bayshore Retreat. Clients at Bayshore Retreat get a solid foundation on which to start their journey. First, they’re healthier, they have a positive attitude about themselves and a direction to continue to improve their life.

Sometimes the addiction is not just substance induced… sometimes it’s the personality that goes to extremes and when drugs or alcohol are involved it becomes dangerous and destructive.  Identifying this trait and learning to live with the “addictive personality” is primary to health and well being.

Each client designs an individual exit plan, that we call a Plan for Sobriety, with the help of the Bayshore team. Time is spent developing a workable plan that is unique to each client. Many topics are addressed in aftercare planning and some include finding counselors in the client’s home area and setting up appointments, looking for support groups such as 12 step meetings, implementing positive coping mechanisms, budgeting, and searching employment opportunities. Some clients outside Florida choose to relocate. We help with this, as well.

As with life, things change and sometimes this also means that the plan has to change. This is where the relationships and confidence of our small environment is especially proven to be best. Our clients reach out to us for suggestions. Again we help with alternatives that might work. Relocation and/or finding a respectful sober living program may be an appropriate option for some clients as they transition from Bayshore.
Continued sobriety is the main goal and scheduled follow up calls from Bayshore ensure this goal is being met and help the client feel supported. If a client is having problems, adjustments can be made to the plan. Bayshore’s staff is also available if a client is having a rough day or just needs to hear a friendly voice. We value the relationships we build with our clients and encourage them to stay in touch. Sometimes they report how much better life is after coming to Bayshore Retreat and to thank us… sometimes they’re reaching out to say they need help. Addiction is a life journey taking one day at a time. We’re there to help them do this.

What one client said:  I felt great in just a few weeks at Bayshore, but they kept reminding me that it wouldn’t be so easy when I went home. This is why they made me work so hard on my “exit plan”… they were right. I thought I had a good plan to stay sober, but implementing it was hard. Fortunately, I’d call Bayshore when I felt frustrated and they’d give me the encouragement to make it one day at a time. I’ve been to other drug treatment centers and once gone then forgotten. Believe me, the folks at Bayshore really do care. They don’t forget you. I know they care. It’s still up to me, but I know they’ve got my back and I don’t want to let them down. Joey