Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Your time at Bayshore Retreat will be optimized so you to get the most out of your stay. From group therapy, individual therapy, and life skills to personal time for inner reflection, meditation, and relaxation. You’ll find that your stay here is a time for physical and mental healing and inner growth. Below is an example of a typical day at Bayshore Retreat.

Monday – Friday

7:15 AM- Mandatory gym time. Recovery is about healing the body, as well as the mind, and staying physically fit or beginning a fitness routine will help you feel better about yourself.

7:45 AM- Our non-12 step program does include an optional AA meeting. We understand that AA is not for everyone, but for some, it’s essential to their long term recovery. At least one meeting is mandatory for all clients unless they’ve tried it and failed.

9:00 AM- Breakfast

10:00 AM- Sauna Therapy is a staple of our program as it helps rid the body of toxins that have been built up over years of alcohol and drug abuse.

11:00 AM – Individual counseling with our Licensed Mental Health Counselor twice a week, structured schedule for each client.

12:00-1:30- Lunch break and free time. Enjoy a gourmet meal prepared by our chef and then take a moment to relax by the pool, meditate or take care of business. (By allowing cell phones and lap tops many clients never miss opportunities while in our drug treatment center.)

1:30 PM- Life Skills Course. A daily course on how to deal with life’s day to day stresses. Anger management, communication skills, problem solving and resume building are just a few topics covered in this daily class centered on self-improvement and relapse prevention.

3:00-3:30 PM- Snack and free time.

3:30-5:30 PM- Life skills course continued and/or Individual Couseling.

5:30-7:00 PM- Dinner break and free time.

7:00-8:30 PM- Group therapy session. These counselors lead sessions that can become quite emotional as client’s share their experiences and dig deeper into addiction itself. Sharing openly with others helps provide an understanding that the individual isn’t alone. Since our groups are small everyone participates and can share his/her ideas and thoughts about addiction and ways to aid in relapse prevention.

8:30-11:00 PM- Free Time.

11:00 PM- All clients to their rooms.

In addition to these daily services, additional services such as yoga and therapeutic massages are also scheduled for clients. Some clients also have individual counseling with Dr. Goldberg, our psychiatrist. (Dr. Goldberg does a weekly group session – individual sessions are at an extra cost to the client.)


On the weekends, clients enjoy off-site outings such as dining out, movies, golf, deep sea fishing, sailing, walks on the beach or local attractions to illustrate that it IS possible to have fun without the aid of drugs or alcohol.

When addiction takes over one’s life, it becomes the driving force for everything. Breaking that chain of control is our primary goal in everything we do. We understand and work with each client to help them develop new interests and passions. Our clients experience many “firsts” while at Bayshore–first time kayaking, first time painting a painting, first time shooting a gun, first time experiencing Yoga or a massage; the list goes on and on.  Our location in Destin along the Gulf coast of Florida makes these “firsts” easy to come by.

Not the least of which is learning how to relax, enjoy the company of others, and do activities without the aid of drugs or alcohol. Many clients come to Bayshore Retreat thinking that they are uninteresting without a stimulant such as drugs and/or alcohol. They soon discover that this isn’t the case at all and the revelation goes forth with them as they return to work or home a new person. Confidence, determination and with a sense of accomplishment are only a few of the goals at Bayshore Retreat.

Faith based? is often a question – YES, we are, but we don’t pressure our clients to believe what we do. Therefore, if one wants to attend the religion of his or her choice, we are quick to accommodate. But to make this the basis of our program would not be fair to the many who need to find or serve their own spirituality.