Qualifications Of Bayshore Retreat And Our Staff

Bayshore Retreat is a in-patient, residential drug and alcohol treatment facility licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families Services. Not only has Bayshore met the stringent guidelines of this department, it regularly passes numerous health and safety inspections, receiving high marks in all.

Our 3 to 1 ratio of staff to clients, proves CARE  is number 1. 

Bayshore Retreat’s staff has many years in dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and the issues that accompany it. Their experience stems from personal, some having dealt with addictions personally and/or with family members. It’s also from having worked in numerous other rehab centers and seeing what was ‘good’ and ‘not good’. The program at Bayshore Retreat combines the best elements from these experiences in a effort to provide a ‘one stop’ – ‘one to one’ program that will work for each individual. A real chance for recovery and a lesser chance of relapse in an atmosphere that’s caring and comfortable.


  • Our Medical Director is Dr. Steven Donchey who will do the initial physical upon admittance to Bayshore. He then evaluates the blood test results and works with staff and clients to ensure they receive the appropriate medical treatment to promote physical and mental wellness. He is on-call 24 hours a day to assist with any medically related questions.  Dr. Donchey specializes in internal medicine which includes disease prevention, wellness, substance abuse, mental health, emergency internal medicine and critical care. In addition, to being a sports and fitness enthusiast, he has 23 years of practicing medicine from orthopedic surgery, to fracture care, to sports medicine injuries, to arthritis and hospice care.
  • Our Clinical Director is Stephanie Butler. Stephanie is on site daily for individual and group counseling, as well as dealing with issues or questions that might arise unexpectedly. Her experience and insight helps clients discover the underlying issues that contributed to the addiction, as well as those that will be faced when the client leaves. Stephanie has her Master’s degree in Clinical Counseling as well as an Education Specialist degree from Florida State University. In addition to being licensed by the state of Florida, she is nationally certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors and is an Anger Management Specialist. Her experience is broad and includes work in a residential treatment facilities for patients with eating disorders, substance abuse for adolescents, trauma, domestic violence and abuse issues. Stephanie’s positive regard for others, strong relationship skills and insight contribute to the superb standard of care at Bayshore.
  • Consulting Psychiatrist, Dr. Eric Goldberg facilitates a weekly group with clients as well as sees some individually at his local office, as needed. Since not everyone requires individual sessions with Dr. Goldberg, these are at a separate cost for those who do.


    • An important part of our program involves “Life Skills” which is coached by Cathryn Clancy and Steve Noble. This area of counseling consists of eight different areas of work – Self Evaluation, Irrational Thinking, Relationships, Communication, Money and Career Management, Anger Control, Self Development, and Relapse Prevention. It’s also the key to finding the reasons for the addiction and how to best deal with those reasons. Cathryn and Steve’s time with clients can open doors that might have been closed for years or for some, never explored.


      • Group facilitators offer different approaches. Bayshore Retreat doesn’t preach or push – unlike most rehabs that only offer a Christian based or 12 step methodology as their program, we have several counselors who facilitate our group sessions, each with extensive counseling background, among those are:
      • Our Team Counselors, who have a spiritual direction with their counsels, as well as how this links with cognitive behavior, Susan Shelton is a LMHC with a specialty in addiction counseling, as well as guest counselors. And of course Stephanie through her day-to-day interaction with clients, individual sessions and awareness adds to the needed topics for Group Discussions without focusing on any particular person or style of treatment.


      • Teri Sarkozy is our Registered Dietitian and Yoga Instructor. She assists in developing proper eating habits, as well as teaching yoga for all skill levels weekly, this is aside from having her own Yoga studio. She comes to Bayshore Retreat because of the passion she finds there She assists in developing proper eating habits, as well as teaching yoga for all skill levels weekly, this is aside from having her own Yoga Studio. She comes to Bayshore Retreat because of the passion she finds there.
      • A weekly deep tissue Massage is eagerly awaited by each client. Mae McDonald, Licensed Massage Therapist makes a special visit to Bayshore Retreat for our clients each week. While this may seem like a luxury, it’s actually just another way of ridding the body of toxins and helping the it recover from the damages of drugs and/or alcohol addiction While this may seem like a luxury, it’s actually just another way of helping the body recover from the damages of drugs and/or alcohol addiction.


      • Our Chief of Operations and Sauna Specialist is Megan Deane. With over twelve of years experience in residential addiction treatment, she and Teri work together to provide a program to improve the body which in turn promotes a new physical and mental outlook. Her knowledge and experience in the values of exercise, the vitamins, and sauna treatment to cleanse the body guide and direct the health program at Bayshore Retreat. In addition to this, she also handles scheduling and managing the day-to-day needs of each client with his or her counselors. In essence Megan is the ‘little general’ who keeps things running smoothly.
      • Our Chef, Mark Willis, completes the daily meal planning and preparation. His vast experience stem from his culinary training and degree from Louisiana Tech in Shreveport, Louisiana and having served as Executive Chef at Basmati’s Asian and Sushi Restaurant in Destin for the past five years. Additionally, he helped open Compass Rose Grill in Valparaiso, Florida. Finally ,and equally important, are his daily supermarket trips to ensure clients receive the freshest meals that also meet their dietary needs and desires.
      • In addition, our support staff is Becky, Ashley, Gloria, Raina, Elize, and Sims  who are there for our clients with 24-7 care from admissions, to managing the sauna therapy, excursions, and other daily activities.
      • Finally, there’s Judy… the mother, the one who answers the calls 24/7. She’ll be the first to tell you there’s still a lot about certain drugs and addiction that she doesn’t know. But you can be assured she will find the answer from Megan, Stephanie, Dr. Donchey or any of the countless Bayshore resources.

We take the fear out of rehab. Help is only a phone call away…. Call 850-687-6831 today or email jbutler@bayshoreretreat.com