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Family-Driven Treatment Home

Caring & Compassionate

We Provide The Care We Wish
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Bayshore Retreat was founded by my son, Jeff, Megan Deane (a friend who worked with him at another alcohol and drug rehab) and me. We’ve traveled the road you are on now. We’ve dealt with professional and financial problems resulting from drug and alcohol addiction. We’ve had the same frustrations, concerns, anxiety, anger, regrets and remorse that you’re having. We’ve also lost friends to death with drugs and/or alcohol either by accident or deliberately.  As Jeff would say “no one plans on becoming an addict”. His journey to find the answers led us to create a holistic, optional 12 step program to help others end the drug and alcohol addiction cycle, regain health and live a better life.

It also led us to create Bayshore Retreat as a place that would be peaceful and inviting. Our tranquil water front location in beautiful Destin, FL brings relief when clients first arrive. The home environment means you walk into a foyer not a lobby. We strived to put everything into Bayshore Retreat that would help our clients discover themselves, regain their health and address their alcohol or drug addiction individually. We know what works and what doesn’t. We never have more than 6 clients at a time which proves we choose Quality over Quantity.

Most importantly we’re teamed with an outstanding staff and professionals who work together to ensure Bayshore Retreat offers the best possible drug and alcohol treatment you’ll find. Our Destin recovery program is truly about healing the mind, body and spirit.

The greatest satisfaction we (everyone at Bayshore Retreat) have is the knowledge that we’ve helped our clients achieve peace, health and success. We understand their desire to have a better life, therefore we do everything possible to help them make that a reality.

If you wish to know more, please call me. My name is Judy Butler, and my cell phone number is 850-687-6831.  We welcome your call and will do everything possible to help.

3:1 Staff Ratio

We believe in personalized recovery.


Joint Commision & Legit Script Accredited.


We utilize modern & traditional therapies.

Home Environment

From our residential setting to gourmet meals.

Trusted Treatment Professionals

Our Expert Staff

Bayshore Retreat’s staff has many years of experience dealing with drug and alcohol addiction and the issues that accompany it. Their experience is personal, some having dealt with addictions personally and/or with family members. This experience also comes from having worked in numerous other rehab centers and seeing what was ‘good’ and ‘not good’. The program at Bayshore Retreat combines the best elements from these experiences in an effort to provide a ‘one stop’ – ‘one to one’ program that will work for each individual. A real chance for recovery and a lesser chance of relapse in an atmosphere that’s caring and comfortable.











Success Stories in Recovery


Discover how the team at Bayshore Retreat helped alumni in finding success in long-term recovery from substance abuse.

I looked at a few other places before making my decision to come to Bayshore and I am extremely pleased with the choice I made. The staff is super supportive and genuinely care about you, the house is immaculate, and the food is DELICIOUS. My counselor, Stephanie was amazing! I am so grateful for all the love and guidance I received here.
Alisha R.
I will be two years sober in a couple of months. BS was the answer to my addiction! It was a safe haven to end my behavior. Beautiful, calm, best food and surroundings! Except the sauna! 😂 they all know I hated that! Right Steve! I would recommend it highly!
Jane F
Bayshore Retreat has been a wonderful place for myself and the hospitality here has been second to none. The staff and the counselors sincerely care for each client and I could not have picked a better place to start my sobriety. Apart from the daily counseling and life skills program, the food and activities were a major plus! I would highly recommend Bayshore to anyone seeking sobriety. This place has really impacted and changed my life.
Michael S.
Tremendous amount of individual attention from a very dedicated staff. The small facility felt like a home rather than cold and clinical. The staff went above and beyond to ensure all my needs were met and that I was happy, healthy, and safe. There was also an extremely talented chef on site who prepared healthy and delicious meals. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs help.
Jennifer F.

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