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Signs, Withdrawal Symptoms & Treatment Options

Benzodiazepine Addiction

Dangerous Drugs Being Overprescribed

Benzodiazepine Addiction in the United States

Despite their highly addictive nature, benzodiazepines aka benzos are prescribed surprisingly often. A 2018 study found that about 12.6% of U.S. adults, more than 1 in 8, used benzos in the past year. That equates to over 30 million people so chances are high you or someone close to you has been prescribed them.

While serving a very real purpose for many, these drugs can get the user hooked quickly and when combined with opioids, have lethal effects with more than 30% of opioid overdoses also involving benzos.

Additionally, the effects are also amplified when used with alcohol which can lead to overdose.

Brutally and ironically, as easy as they are to abuse, quitting them cold turkey presents its own dangers with withdrawal being particularly severe.

Getting your life back is possible though with benzo addiction help at Bayshore Retreat.

Understanding the Addictive Nature of Benzos

What are Benzodiazepines? How are They Addictive?

In the simplest and most broad terms, benzodiazepines are central nervous system depressants and are commonly prescribed for things like anxiety, insomnia, seizure control, muscle relaxation and, oddly enough, treatment for alcohol use disorder. They achieve this by raising the level of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA in the brain.

Given that they work on depressing the central nervous system, the main effect they produce is a calming and sedative one. In other words, they are a form of tranquilizer. 

This class of drugs is wildly addictive and is a big reason they’re generally prescribed for such a short period. The aim is to hit the sweet spot of efficacy without falling into addiction, but the fact of the matter is the benzos cause an astronomical and uninhibited surge in dopamine. The feel-good wave that washes over a user quickly manipulates the architecture of the mind to seek more of that sedative high.

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Knowing the Differences

Types of Benzodiazepines

Benzodiazepine is a mouthful of a word and the class of drug itself may not be readily identifiable as anything special but certainly some of the brands will be familiar.

The most commonly used and subsequently abused benzos are:

A little more recognizable now?

Undoubtedly, it’s easy to see that the drugs listed above are widely prescribed. Who doesn’t know someone who hasn’t at least heard of Xanax, Ambien or Valium? The ubiquity of them belies the danger they can pose to people. The normalcy of them, unfortunately, serving to disarm them a bit.

Understanding Addiction

Signs & Symptoms of Benzo Addiction

Addiction to benzos comes quickly, shockingly quickly in fact when compared to other drugs as tolerance can develop in short order requiring larger doses that can swiftly slip a person into dependency.

Using benzodiazepines in any way other than prescribed is dangerous, so being conscious of the signs and symptoms is imperative to safeguard the health of yourself or a loved one. They include:

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Why Can't I Just Stop Using?

Benzo Withdrawal & The Need for Detoxification

The cruel twist of fate that benzo addiction creates is that as easy it is to become addicted, getting off them is just as difficult and particularly dangerous when not handled correctly. The dependency comes fast and withdrawal can be harsh and present in the following ways:

Similar to someone with severe alcohol dependency, the effects of withdrawal from benzos can also be lethal.

Arguably the most important thing to know about benzos and getting off them as is that quitting cold turkey is under no circumstances recommended. Abruptly cutting the supply can lead to devastating and potentially life-threatening results.

Because of the dangers it presents, detoxing from benzodiazepines needs to be undertaken slowly in a process that’s monitored and under the supervision of medical personnel. The idea being to taper the dosage and allowing your body and mind to be weaned off as safely as possible.

Only after working the drugs out of your system can the rehab and healing really start.

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How to Get Help for Benzo Addiction

Treatment for Benzo Addiction At Our North Florida Rehab

It makes sense that benzodiazepine addiction seems to sneak up on people, these are prescription drugs that a doctor prescribes after all. There’s, in theory, some control and oversight and anything prescribed was often looked at as safer in the past.

That was then though. In general, our collective eyes have been opened to the damage misuse of drugs like this can create and just how quickly it can happen.

They sink their teeth in you fast and the flood of dopamine they unleash makes the bite a hard one. The hold is exceptionally strong and the dependency is hard to ignore.

Benzo addiction treatment in North Florida is a lifeline to pull you out of the cycle.

At Bayshore Retreat our approach is a holistic one focusing on the effects that benzos have on the entirety of the person.

The counseling and group sessions with our licensed mental health counselor work toward rebuilding and rewiring the mind from the deleterious effects of the drugs. The sauna, exercise and deep tissue massages and the like help further reduce toxins in the body and our alternative therapies like meditation, yoga and art therapy help calm and mend the spirit.

The road into benzo addiction may have been a short one and the road out is regrettably longer but it’s a small price to pay for the joy of sobriety and the clarity it brings.

It may be overwhelming.

We're Here for You.

Bayshore Retreat works with most major insurance carriers and offers luxury treatment at an affordable rate in order to help you or your loved one in finding their path to recovery. Call us now to take action and find your personal path to recovery from substance abuse.

Freedom from Benzo Addiction

Find Lasting Recovery at Bayshore Retreat

Rest assured, as intense as it seems, you have it in you to fight and win your battle with this. Find your lasting recovery from benzo addiction in Destin, Florida. Regain control of your life and pull it back from the grips of this powerful drug with us at Bayshore Retreat.

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