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Signs, Withdrawal Symptoms & Treatment Options

Meth Addiction

The drug meth (short for “methamphetamine”) takes many forms and is known by many names: ice, speed, crank, glass, chalk, and Tina (to name only a few). Often, meth is created in the form of small, shiny, bluish-white rocks resembling shards of glass or crystals, hence the name “crystal meth.”

Despite meth’s many variations, however, there is one thing every form has in common: they are all wildly addictive and furiously dangerous.

Know the risks associated with meth

How Meth Works and How It Harms

Meth is an enormously powerful stimulant, acting on the central nervous system to trigger a flood of the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine in the brain. The result is a sense of euphoria, perhaps unlike anything the user has experienced before.

In fact, the high elicited by the first exposure to meth is often so intense that people may spend the rest of their lives trying to replicate it. The result is a potentially lethal and always devastating binge/crash cycle in which the euphoria of meth intoxication is followed quickly by an abyss of depression as the drug wears off. 

The intensity of the brain’s response to meth exposure and of the cravings that accompany the withdrawal of the substance derives from the fact that meth is not a naturally occurring substance. Because meth is synthetic, the human brain is without protective, evolutionary adaptations to temper its response to the drug or to mitigate against neurobiological dependency.

Knowing What to Look for

Signs of Meth Addiction

Because of its fiercely addictive properties, if you or someone you love use meth at all, then the chances are that you’re already dependent. However, there are a host of telltale signs that often indicate meth addiction:

Since meth is a powerful CNS stimulant, exposure to the drug may also incite severe autonomic responses, some of which may be life-threatening. These include:

In addition to the physiological risks of meth exposure, many users also experience profound psychological impacts. This may include hallucinations and psychosis, as well as severe insomnia lasting for up to two weeks (or more).

These psychotropic responses are frequently referred to as “tweaking.” In a person who is tweaking, speech may become rapid and incessant; body movements may appear uncoordinated and spastic or “jerky,” and the eyes may seem to move rapidly and constantly in a highly abnormal fashion.

Tweaking can be a particularly dangerous facet of meth exposure, as it is often associated with violent psychosis. Those who are tweaking may be more likely to lash out violently or to engage in dangerous, impulsive, and even criminal behaviors.

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Leave Crystal Meth in the Past

How Bayshore Can Help

At Bayshore, our multidisciplinary team of physicians, mental healthcare providers, and addiction recovery specialists can help you or someone you love break the bonds of meth addiction. 

Our onsite care providers are uniquely qualified to support you through the detoxification process, including providing round-the-clock medical and psychiatric supervision through the various phases of substance withdrawal. Not only can this help to make the process more comfortable for our clients, but it also reduces the risk of a life-threatening emergency during detox. 

Our facility is fully accredited, licensed, and certified to provide comprehensive care, including the use of short-term pharmaceutical therapies as needed while detoxifying from meth. 

Similarly, because the symptoms of meth detox often include psychiatric manifestations, from depression and anxiety to hallucinations, paranoia, and suicidal ideation, our highly trained team of mental healthcare providers will be consistently by your side until you complete detox and are stable. 

With only six residents in our facility at one time and a 3:1 client to care provider ratio, we are able to provide our clients with the highest level of prompt and personalized care possible.  

After you have completed the detox process, we work with you to build a holistic, customized, and evidence-based recovery program that serves your short-term and long-range recovery goals. This includes individual, group, and family counseling services using a range of approaches, from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to art and music therapy. We also offer classes in nutrition, holistic medicine, and meditation and mindfulness.

The ultimate goal of our meth addiction recovery program is to help you find release from the hold that meth has over your life and to build the happy, healthy, addiction-free life you want and deserve. This means that, in addition to detoxification, rehabilitation, counseling, and education services provided onsite, we also offer comprehensive after-care support, connecting you with the best care providers and most effective support services in your area.


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