Admissions – Bayshore Retreat

We’re one of a kind and as unique as you are. We’re not a part of a huge conglomeration of drug treatment centers. We don’t have a ‘call center’ directing your call to an in-take counselor (sales person).

Give us a call at 850-687-6831 now.

Bayshore Retreat is just a short drive or flight to beautiful Destin, FL. For those who don’t know where Destin is located – it’s on the Gulf coast in the ‘Florida Panhandle’, half way between Pensacola and Panama City, or as they call it in the area “the Emerald Coast”– so named for its beautiful, emerald colored waters.

There are hundreds of drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida, but there’s only one Bayshore Retreat. We’re the best drug and alcohol rehab center for several reasons: primarily because we’re small. We’re exactly what you see and much, much more. We care about our clients and work hard to prove it with everything we do. Our Destin recovery center provides true individualized treatment for people who need to help with addiction.

The healing begins as soon as a client arrives at Bayshore Retreat. The ‘home like’ environment beats motel and institutional facilities hands down. (Yes, there are places that actually put you in a motel room and bus you around town for meals and counseling.) We have no reception desk, no long hall ways, no uniformed staff, nothing that gives you the constant reminder of being in ‘rehab’. Instead you awake to the cool Gulf breeze, a beautiful view of the Choctahatchee Bay and smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen.

Our counselors are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to help with drug and alcohol addiction questions. Whether it’s alcoholism or an addiction to prescription drugs, cocaine addiction, heroin, or crystal meth… our staff has experience in dealing with these and other such addictions. They know the side affects and how to help ease the discomfort while the body recovers.

Our purpose is to restore dignity, respect, and hope. We know exactly what you are going through.

Bayshore Retreat offers more for less than any other drug and alcohol treatment center. Compare everything such as the cost versus the number of ‘patients’. We prefer to call them clients since we have things to work on, such as health and healing. There is a maximum of six (6) clients at a time and NO ONE beats our value.

We take the fear out of rehab, our direct line is 850-687-6831.

You’ll speak to an owner, not a sales person. We’re going to tell you the truth.

It’s a free consultation and everything you say is 100% confidential.

Call us now if you would like:

  • A friendly, understanding voice.
  • A way out of the chaos that alcohol and drugs can create.
  • An answer to insurance questions. We’ll answer it as honestly as possible. We’ll check your benefits, do the pre certification (if required) and file the claim upon discharge for reimbursement to you.
  • Your contact with Bayshore Retreat is held in the strictest confidence and you are under no obligation. We offer free initial consultation to discuss symptoms, concerns and treatment options.

Bayshore Retreat is licensed by the Florida Department of Children and Families and follows all guidelines set forth by this department.

For life threatening situations or medical emergencies, please call 911 first.

As part of your orientation, we’ll provide you with the following:

  • Guidelines for what to bring.
  • What to leave at home.
  • Client rights and confidentiality.
  • Instructions on communication, how to send and receive mail.
  • Check the tab “Services” and “What to bring” for details.
  • There are many drug and alcohol treatment centers in Florida and throughout the US. Most of them have one form of treatment, AA and/or 12 step as their core program. At Bayshore Retreat you’ll receive so much more from Life Skills coaching, to individual, group and family counseling to coping skills and activities that make you feel excited again. This is about you – what are your goals and dreams. You have choices. Think about those choices, compare everything and ask many questions. We’d love to share our story and help you with yours.

Call now 850-687-6831 to speak with Judy.

From one of our previous clients: “I came to Bayshore Retreat on blind faith after speaking to countless other drug treatment centers. When I spoke to Miss Judy I knew that someone finally cared about me. I knew that if she cared everyone there probably cared, too. And I wasn’t disappointed.” “From the minute I arrived I knew I’d made the right decision, for once in my life.”  Terri