Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Alcohol is at almost at every celebration. It occupies at least half of the coolers in convenience stores, plus rows and rows of it in drug and food stores. No wonder it’s one of the leading substances that people abuse. Alcohol is legal and everywhere.

Alcohol can be the root cause of ruined lives by destroying mental and physical health, derailing careers and relationships. If you or a loved one sees life spinning out of control due to alcohol addiction Bayshore Retreat addiction treatment center could be the answer you’re looking for. We offer individual and effective addiction treatment therapy. We only have six clients at a time in a home environment.

First we address the physical with evaluation and blood tests to see what kind of physical damage might exist due to the alcohol abuse. Some clients require a medical detox before coming to Bayshore Retreat. If this hasn’t happened else where, we make arrangements for the medical detox to be done in a hospital environment near us. We take clients there and pick them up after a few days. Their time at Bayshore Retreat doesn’t begin until they are at Bayshore Retreat. We use sauna and massage therapy to help rid the body of the toxins that have built up after years of alcohol abuse.

At Bayshore Retreat, we believe alcohol and drug addiction is the symptom of a much bigger issue. This is why we put so much effort in helping our clients identify and deal with those issues.  We’ve had clients who have faced the issues of alcoholism and have said “the favorite drink of an alcoholic is the next one” and “an alcoholic is not one who drinks too much, but one who can’t get enough”.

Counseling is key to discovering the underlying problems that led to alcohol addiction. Clients receive about 30 hours of counseling weekly. This is comprised of individual counseling with our mental health counselor at least twice a week, group counseling by various professionals every evening except Saturdays and finally Life Skills counseling which covers relationships, irrational thinking and much more.

Bayshore Retreat is located in beautiful Destin, FL. Clients bring their cell phone and lap top and stay in touch with family, friends and business while taking care of their personal business. If you or someone you love is ready to break the shackles of alcohol addiction call us today. Our direct line is 850-687-6831. You won’t get into a call center you will speak to the owner.

The gold seal at the top of our web site can give you the assurance that Bayshore Retreat meets the highest standards in the industry of drug and alcohol treatment centers. It is one of only 20% in the nation.