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Alcohol Recovery Programs Explained

Problematic drinking impacts many people to differing degrees of severity. Some people may occasionally drink, whereas others frequently drink to excess (also referred to as binge drinking). Still, others use or crave alcohol to the extent that they develop a dependency that leads to alcoholism (now referred to by the medical community as an alcohol use disorder). Diagnosing alcoholism is not a cut and dry process, and not everyone who drinks will develop an addiction to alcohol. To have a drinking problem, it is not necessary to exhibit all of the symptoms of an alcohol use disorder as defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Even if you only have a few symptoms, you could still benefit from seeking alcohol addiction recovery.

What Causes Alcoholism?

For most people, the occasional drink or even drinking a little too much will not evolve into a substance use disorder. There are, however, many others who struggle with an adverse relationship with drinking that impacts their lives in many ways. Estimates from the National Institutes on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism indicate more than seventeen million American adults ages eighteen and over struggle with an alcohol use disorder to varying severities. Another nine million adolescents between ages twelve and seventeen meet the diagnostic criteria for an alcohol use disorder. Alcoholism is a disease that does not discriminate based on any particular demographic. 

Unlike many other addictions (for example, addictions to opiate drugs), alcohol addiction takes time to develop. It requires many months (or years) of frequent drinking, often to excess, for physical and biological changes to occur in the body based on alcohol consumption. Once these changes have occurred and tolerance for the effects of alcohol has developed, it can be very difficult and often dangerous for someone to give up alcohol without the support and guidance of an addiction treatment program.  Other factors such as genetics and environment (family history) are also thought to contribute to an elevated risk for alcohol use disorders. 

What Are Alcohol Recovery Programs?

Alcohol recovery programs provide those struggling with an addiction to alcohol a means to achieve sobriety and long-term recovery with adequate support and guidance. Deciding to get sober from alcohol is a difficult decision and one that should not be done without essential support provided by addiction treatment staff at a treatment center like Bayshore Retreat in Destin, Florida. 

At an alcohol recovery program, treatment staff will work with you to design a treatment program that considers your unique treatment needs and goals. Beginning with detox and continuing through treatment and aftercare, alcohol recovery programs provide support, structure, and guidance throughout all stages of your journey to recovery. 

Choosing to get sober at an alcohol recovery program significantly improves your chances of success as you have a team of compassionate, committed treatment professionals available to help you through the earliest and most challenging stages of detox and withdrawal. Without these supports, many who decide to get sober eventually relapse when withdrawal symptoms become overwhelming, and they lack adequate coping mechanisms or medically assisted supports to make it through the early stages of sobriety.  

Why You Should Get Sober at an Alcohol Recovery Program

Choosing to get sober from alcohol can be difficult and sometimes dangerous due to the potential intensity and severity of withdrawal symptoms. To ensure the best chances of success, it is essential to choose an alcohol recovery program that provides medically assisted detox and comprehensive addiction treatment programs tailored to meet your specific needs. Alcohol addiction presents differently in all who struggle to overcome it. Therefore, each person who seeks treatment must have a treatment plan that addresses their unique physical, emotional and spiritual needs. If you are ready to begin your sobriety journey, contact our treatment team at Bayshore Retreat today

At Bayshore Retreat we have extensive knowledge in treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand that Mental Health Disorders can be the root cause of substance abuse. We use the latest scientific research and holistic approach for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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