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Art Therapy


Art therapy is just one of the activities at Bayshore Retreat.

Counseling is a a huge part of what we do at Bayshore. More so than any place, hands down, beginning with at least six different people who work with clients in everything from our Life Skills program to individual counseling to the many group sessions we have. Most of these are dealing with the addiction and/or underlying reasons for it. As a licensed drug and alcohol treatment center we’re required to log a certain number of hours in counseling. We go far beyond the requirements because we want to provide the best possible addiction treatment for our clients. We want success for them, because they trust us to do our best… that’s why they chose Bayshore Retreat.

Activities are another… everything from going for a boat ride, to a movie, out to dinner and finally Art. The round table discussions that occur while working on a piece of art can be very revealing. This isn’t necessarily why we do art therapy, but it doesn’t hurt to discover more about oneself and our art projects are are great way to do that. Example: one client was working on a piece and fretting over it … had it perfect, then made some adjustments, only to exclaim “why do I do that in everything I do”. “I get things right then screw it up”. This is where art can really be helpful in ‘letting go’. Finding a stopping point. Finishing what you start. Acceptance, and so on. Drugs and alcohol may have been the answer to ‘zoning out’, but it doesn’t have to be… creating art can be an effective way of finding peace.

One photo above is of Stephanie, our mental health counselor, as she joins in the creative process and fun of art as a relaxation technique and discovery. The other is of painting by a client just completed. It’s something she will take home as a reminder of Bayshore and that she has an alternative to alcohol when she’s feeling depressed or lonely.  by Judy (the Mom) Sept. 13, 2013

At Bayshore Retreat we have extensive knowledge in treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand that Mental Health Disorders can be the root cause of substance abuse. We use the latest scientific research and holistic approach for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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