Changing Lives - Bayshore's Testimonials


“I had been selling myself the same lies for so long that I started having them gift wrapped.” This was something I heard at a meeting I attended years ago. It stuck with me for several reasons. First, I remember it because it’s just sarcastic enough for me to find humor in it and second because it’s frankly too close to home. For years I thought that I was normal. Sure I partied a lot, but so did my friends. My legal issues were only ‘my rotten luck’, not my lifestyle. Even as my life was falling apart, I pretended to be Nero and played my fiddle as Rome burned. When I realized that I might have a problem I found that to most I was the typical addict… not so. I had different reasons for being there from some of the people that were in the first rehab I went to. Finally after years of denial, cookie cutter programs, AA meeting, etc. I realized what the rehab business was all about – numbers, not people. After going to and working in a smaller rehab, I, my mother and a friend (Megan Deane) who worked with me created Bayshore Retreat. One could argue that we needed this experience in order to truly understand. “Whatever”. The end result is of all the drug and alcohol treatment centers out there, Bayshore Retreat is truly a gift to those who choose it. For me, a sober life doesn’t suck. For you, we know you’re different and we’ll do everything possible to help you get a sober/drug free life.



Rehab never sounded like the place for me. I thought I could beat this on my own. It took years of broken dreams and relationships before I finally reached a point to consider rehab.

As I’m not one to invest my money or time frivolously, I started doing research. Many appeared to meet my requirements of what I was initially looking for. Only one, however, seemed sincere in their desire to accommodate my needs.

I really liked Bayshore Retreat’s philosophy. I own my own business and needed the freedom to handle the inevitable situations that arise while continuing to work on myself.

The supervised outings also sounded like a revolutionary idea. When one is working so hard on healing himself, it’s important to have a break. I learned to enjoy life sober with people who care about me as a human, not just the bottom line.

That meant a lot to me that an owner of this company would put me first.

If you truly want help with and education about your addiction, then this is the place! If you just want to blend in and get through your rehab experience, I’d suggest somewhere else.

A special thank you is extended to Jeff, Megan and the wonderful staff of Bayshore Retreat. It’s comforting to know that, if needed, you guys are just a text or a phone call away.


My family decided to have an intervention with me. What a surprise… they ganged up on me and someone came there from Bayshore to help with it. Basically after crying and screaming at each other I was told to pack my bags I was going to Destin. I had no choice in the matter. My kids needed me to be sober and my life was not supportive for them. That I couldn’t deny.

So I had 30 minutes to pack and I was off. I hated the whole idea and pretty much let everyone at Bayshore know it. I threatened to leave everyday for the first two weeks. Finally I realized, that they weren’t going to give up on me. I decided to stay an additional four weeks because I wasted the first two with my pissy attitude. Now my life’s better than it’s ever been. I’m happy, I’m sober and my kids actually like me. I owe so much to my parents for being so insistent and to the folks at Bayshore for understanding and working so hard to help me, even when I didn’t want to help myself.



I’ve been to several rehabs. Most of them were large and impersonal. I couldn’t wait to leave and basically just went through the motions.

When we found Bayshore it was like nothing I ever experienced. They cared about what I liked to eat, asked me how I felt about things and treated me like a regular person, not some ‘screw up’ or something. I really wanted to do better – they worked so hard for me I couldn’t help but want to work as hard for myself. There were some tough times, but we had fun times and all in all it was a great experience. I felt like I was in a family.

I’m back at the work I love and I know that I can pick up the phone and call Jeff anytime and he’d be there. I now have true friends who just want the best for me, who care what happens to me and I don’t want to disappoint them or my family any longer. It feels good to know someone cares about me for me, not for what I can do for them. Thank you guys at Bayshore.



Bayshore Retreat provides an atmosphere that is comfortable, inviting, and safe.

The location makes you feel as if you are tucked away; however, they offer a huge array of off-site activities for clients to do. The House has all the comforts of one’s own home and has some amazing amenities.

You can tell that the staff truly cares about each individual client as they tailor the program to each person’s own needs. I couldn’t have asked for a better staff and location in a time when I needed to put my life back together. I will always be thankful and blessed that I was able to be a part of Bayshore Retreat’s program..


Once I entered Bayshore Retreat, I finally realized just how close I was to losing everything I loved and even some things I did not realize I loved. I knew I had to overcome my addiction to alcohol. I also knew that rehab was the way to do it. I was scared and ashamed of the situation I had put myself in.

The night I arrived I instantly felt like family. I was physically beaten up from a car accident and broken emotionally as well. The staff at Bayshore Retreat made me feel comfortable immediately. Here was an environment where it was easy to share and be myself without fear of judgment. In a matter of only thirty days I saw my emotional wounds begin to heal along with my physical wounds. Though we spent a lot of time in group and talking to the counselors one-on-one, we also spent time finding new hobbies. Every weekend we tried something new, from deep-sea fishing to sunset dolphin cruises to target practice at the shooting range. These activities gave me opportunities to find out what really interested me. I am healthier today than I have been in a long time. I continue to enjoy activities and practices I learned at Bayshore like fishing, working out daily and meditating. While I was there, they also helped me find a job, a car, and a place to live knowing I could not go back to my life as it was.

I could go on for hours about the kind of grace, love, patience and flexibility that was shown to me.

To this day I consider the people at Bayshore Retreat my family. They will always have a special place in my heart as the first people who got to see the real me.  Love you guys!!!



It was a Spring afternoon in 2011 when I reached out for the last time. I had gone through a lot in the past few months. I had ended a 13 year relationship with the love of my life. I had been laid off from a job that could have only been described as the provider of my soul and reason to live. I had also been in the hospital and/or jail more times in the previous six months than I have fingers.

When I first spoke to Jeff, I remember feelings of embarrassment, depression and humiliation. He quickly sliced through all that and made me feel like the past didn’t matter, only that the future did. The passion he possessed in getting me help was like nothing I had seen. He helped me begin to see small rays of hope on the horizon.

I was hopeless. I thought that the drinking gave me courage and that it also helped me to forget the pain. But I was only fooling myself. Only when I was smashed did I feel like I “fit in” or that I mattered. It took the great support system of professionals at Bayshore Retreat to help me see that that was not the case. I am so thankful that now I am able to live my life without the noose of addiction tightening around my neck.

Today I am living back in my house. I have gotten my dream job. I learned at Bayshore that the easiest thing to change is people, places and things, but that is not always a viable option. The best thing, for me, was to live a simple and humbling life for a while. I cut out all the b.s. and drama that my life had become and got back to the basics. Once I began to do that, I could really concentrate on me and what my recovery needed to be. Bayshore Retreat helped me to do just that.

It’s amazing to look back on life and not regret my past, but to respect it. It made me who I am today. Bayshore Retreat helped me to see that I am not the person my addiction made me think I was, and that my life is worth living! Sobriety is the best drug out there and I am truly indebted to Bayshore for helping me realize that!



In looking for a rehab center that would finally work for me (after 3 previous rehabs), I found Bayshore Retreat. They provided a diverse group of counselors with a variety of effective teaching/therapy styles. The wide variety of treatment programs such as; group and individual counseling sessions, quality gym and sauna time, massage therapy, life skills, etc. were all highly motivating.

The environment at Bayshore is positively relaxing and they really care! I’m finally living my new, healthy life and loving it!



Dear Bayshore Staff,

From the time that I arrived at Bayshore, I felt that my choice of recovery centers was correct. While driving to Bayshore, I was understandably nervous and anxious.Beginning at the initial intake, throughout my stay and up until my discharge, I was treated with kindness, care, and respect. The team has developed a unique environment for healing and growth.Anyone who chooses Bayshore has a chance to chart a new course for their life.

Bayshore offers both structure with flexibility, discipline with respect and recovery with guidance. The residence itself is set in a picturesque waterfront property.The retreat is comfortable, with many amenities. While staying here I had a gym membership, utilized the sauna, relaxed by the pool and used the hot tub. These are utilized to aid in the healing process. We also went horse-back riding, spent an afternoon at the beach, went sailing in the bay to dolphin watching, and ate dinner out several times. Any and all possible client needs are met.

The team developed a recovery plan specifically for me. It was updated and revised, as needed, to meet my individual needs.Several group meetings are held throughout the day. Some groups are designed to educate us, while others provide an opportunity for individual growth. The groups were led by different facilitators. These diverse perspectives offer additional insight into our recovery. We also received individual counseling at least twice a week.

Realizing that I was unable to repair my life without help was difficult to accept. Researching and finding Bayshore Retreat has been a blessing in my life. I believe that Bayshore has helped me design and implement a new path for my life.I am grateful for the help that they have provided to me.



Not only are the clients cared for, the family is as well. It was hard for us to say good-bye, but the caring has never stopped. The staff has remained in contact with my son. He has reached out for support since he left, and they have responded. As for this mom, I felt cared for as well and that led to the beginning of our family’s healing. Love and respect lives at Bayshore!


Today is bittersweet for us and our granddaughter!  I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything you’ve done for her I can’t thank you guys enough!
I know she’s not a 100% but close because just talking to her reveals just how much better she is.
You’ve helped her establish her path in life that will allow her to always be the best she could ever be!
I truly believe this next leg of her journey in sober living will keep her on her path to health and wealth she never even dreamed about!
God bless you all at Bayshore Retreat for helping our precious granddaughter. ❤
Loving energy,