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Benefits of a Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Center Located in Florida

Statistics show as many as half of those who seek treatment for a mental health condition or a substance use disorder have a dual diagnosis. Depending on the individual, they may be aware of one diagnosis or the other before realizing they have a co-occurring disorder. While there is little evidence to clarify whether one diagnosis or illness “causes” the other, struggles with substance abuse can often lead to maladaptive and unhealthy coping mechanisms. Inevitably, this often leads to new or worsening mental health conditions. If you struggle with a mental health condition, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, it can lead to substance abuse in an effort to reduce the intensity of the symptoms related to your mental health condition. 

What Is Dual Diagnosis in Addiction Treatment?

For many years, it was believed addiction treatment needed to occur separately and apart from mental health treatment. Many addiction treatment facilities were not equipped to address mental health concerns and vice versa. This led to many needed treatments for co-occurring disorders to receive only partial treatment if any at all. Fortunately, progress has occurred in this area. Today, treatment centers like Bayshore Retreat are well equipped to guide you through dual diagnosis treatment with individualized treatment plans that address the unique needs of both conditions.  

When you have a dual diagnosis, it means you struggle with symptoms of both a substance abuse disorder and a mental health condition. Dual diagnosis conditions often share overlapping symptoms and similar root causes. Co-occurring conditions are significantly intertwined, making the concept of treating one condition without acknowledging the other very difficult and less than beneficial for you. Seeking dual diagnosis treatment means you receive treatment in a facility where treatment professionals are trained to address both mental health and addiction-related concerns. Dual diagnosis treatment programs ensure all areas of your diagnosis are addressed, providing the most comprehensive opportunity for recovery. 

Dual diagnosis programs like Bayshore Retreat are designed to identify and address mental health conditions you may struggle with while also acknowledging any emotional and psychological factors that may contribute to unhealthy and addictive behaviors. Dual diagnosis treatment programs can help you learn more about how addiction often arises from using substances to self-medicate. Another significant benefit of dual diagnosis treatment is learning how to identify and address potential triggers (including people, events, and places) that impact your behaviors. During treatment, your therapist will help you create a plan to address these triggers, helping reduce the possibility of relapse.

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Centers in Florida

Dual diagnosis treatment programs work with you to create evidence-based, holistic treatment programs designed around your unique treatment needs and goals. Everyone experiences addiction differently. Also, while two people may share the same mental health diagnosis, it does not mean they share the same symptoms or symptom severity. Consequently, your treatment program must be designed strictly for you. At Bayshore Retreat, we combined traditional therapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy with alternative, holistic treatments such as yoga, nutritional counseling, and massage therapy to ensure the most comprehensive treatment program possible. During counseling at Bayshore Retreat, you will participate in a combination of individual, group, and family therapies designed to address both your addiction and mental health treatment needs. Upon completing your program here, we will ensure you are prepared with a strong aftercare plan to provide essential support throughout your recovery journey. 

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If you are ready to start your recovery, reach out to the team at Bayshore Retreat in Florida today. Our team of addiction treatment and mental health professionals is here to provide the support and guidance you need to achieve sobriety and begin your future free of mental health and addiction symptoms. 

At Bayshore Retreat we have extensive knowledge in treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand that Mental Health Disorders can be the root cause of substance abuse. We use the latest scientific research and holistic approach for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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