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Yoga in recovery
Mind, Body, and Spirit: The Unexpected Benefits of Yoga in Recovery
The path to addiction recovery never truly ends. That is, perhaps, one of the most significant reasons why relapse rates are so high for those suffering from substance use disorder
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A Perfect Fit? How to Choose a Rehab That’s Right For You
Resolving to get sober is perhaps the most important decision you will ever make. Choosing how you will make that commitment a reality is just as important. No two people,
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Friend or Foe? The Risks of Gabapentin for Those in Recovery
The road to addiction recovery is a long and difficult one. After all, dependency is often as much a physiological condition as it is a behavioral and psychological one. That
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A Perfect Storm: Addiction in the Pandemic Era
Sickness. Grief. Global recessions. Lockdowns. War. With them, isolation, uncertainty, loneliness, and fear. Let’s face it, these last three years have been a lot. They’ve taken their toll on our
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King Baby Syndrome
King Baby Syndrome and Addiction
Most people who have never participated in a 12 step program such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) probably have not heard of King Baby Syndrome. The odds are that you’ve experienced
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Unexpected Dangers of Marijuana
The Hard Side of a “Soft” Drug: The Unexpected Dangers of Marijuana
The push to legalize recreational marijuana has been gaining momentum in the United States for years now, with significant success. As of summer 2021, the use of the drug for
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The Relationship Between Alcoholism Memory Loss and Dementia
A High Price to Pay: The Relationship Between Alcoholism, Memory Loss, and Dementia
The blackout is often invoked as a comic punchline for a night of overindulgence. Movies and television shows often depict their well-meaning but misguided protagonists in pain and confusion following
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Spirit Matters: The Role of Spirituality in Addiction Recovery
The disease of dependency isn’t just about the physiological mechanisms of addiction. Rather, it’s an all-consuming progression. Whether the addiction is to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, sex, or what have
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The Adversary Has Many Faces: The Surprising Connection Between Eating Disorders and Substance Abuse
The disease of substance addiction is a powerful adversary. Unfortunately, many people who are battling substance dependency find themselves waging war on multiple fronts, one of which is eating disorders.
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The Root of the Problem: Addiction and Dental Issues
Anyone whose life has been touched by addiction knows that the effects of the disease aren’t confined to the immediate impacts of the drug alone. Rather, addiction takes hold of
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Seeking Support: Finding the Right Support Group for You
The disease of addiction thrives in isolation and loneliness. Whether you are the one experiencing addiction, or you are faced with watching a loved one battle this enemy, you are
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Therapy After Rehab Can Lead to Lasting Sobriety
Addictions do not simply develop overnight, and the process of recovery isn’t a quick and spontaneous one either. Maintaining your sobriety takes time, commitment, and diligent effort which extends far
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