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Can Drinking Harm Your Vision?
The effects of alcohol on vision have been something of a running joke in popular culture for decades now. Cartoon characters are often depicted with spinning curlicues for eyes to
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The Role of Trust and Accountability in Early Recovery
Addiction is a cunning and insidious enemy. It is no respecter of persons. Once it takes hold, it does not care who it hurts. And like a virus seeking to
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Surprising Ways Alcohol Affects Your Skin
The toll that alcohol takes on both your body and on your relationships is, by now, quite well-known. What may come as a surprise, however, is the impact that alcohol
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Recovery in the Age of Technology
Using Technology to Support Recovery Ours truly is the technological age and you don’t have to be a Millennial or Generation Z’’er to find your days filled with social media
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The Importance of Effective Communication in Addiction Recovery
In a 2015 study by the NIH, it was estimated that, at any given time in the US, 4% of Americans were experiencing some form of substance use disorder and
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Forging Healthy Relationships to Support Your Sobriety
If you or someone you love has experienced addiction, then you know that the disorder is about far more than the substance itself. Addiction is a deeply complex, dynamic, and
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Does Drinking Make Your Anxiety and Depression Worse?
If you are among the more than 14 million Americans who have ever experienced alcohol dependency, then you know that the effects of drinking are often far more than physical
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The Unexpected Dangers of Vaping and E-Cigarettes
By now, the risks of smoking tobacco are pretty well publicized. In many circles, if you want to raise a few eyebrows and provoke a few scowls, all you have
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Managing Chronic Pain Without Opioids
When you’re in pain, the search for relief can feel all-consuming, as if you would do almost anything just to feel better, to return to “normal” life again. And for
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The Surprising Connection Between Alcohol and Cholesterol
If you want to quit drinking alcohol, you can probably think of a lot of good reasons for doing so. What you may not know is that a growing body
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Exploring the Use of Medical Marijuana in Early Recovery
Anyone who has battled addiction understands that the road to recovery is a long and challenging one. Yet, the path to sobriety is not the same for everyone. Finding the
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Is Psychiatric Medication a Necessary Part of Rehab?
Many people have questions when it comes to the intersection of psychiatric medication and substance use rehab. Questions may cross your mind such as, “Why are psych meds so common
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