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Drug Detox Center: Get Off Drugs Safely

Today, more than twenty-three million Americans struggle with addiction. Unfortunately, despite the prevalence of addiction in our population, only ten percent of those who need addiction treatment receive it. So, if you or a loved one are ready to seek treatment for your addiction, that is an excellent first step. Deciding to get clean is difficult, and for many, there are fears and concerns around how detox and treatment work. 

For many addicts to enter treatment, detox is a first and necessary step required to cleanse the body of any substance. Only after your system is “clean” can one fully immerse themselves in a treatment program. While quitting “cold turkey” may seem faster and easier, it is vital to remember that detoxing cold turkey-especially from certain substances- can be dangerous and often leads to relapse. 

Why You Shouldn’t Detox Off Drugs Alone

Withdrawal symptoms are part of the detox process for everyone. For some people, withdrawal may be accompanied by mild symptoms that are easily managed. Conversely, for others, the withdrawal process can bring about dangerous and even fatal symptoms. This is especially true when detoxing from substances such as alcohol and opioids. For these reasons, it is essential to undergo detox at a drug detox center where medical supervision is offered.

The specific symptoms of the draw vary depending on the substance being used, the length of use, and the amount used by the individual. Generally, all withdrawals include some level of:

  • Restlessness and anxiety 
  • Muscle aches 
  • Gastrointestinal issues such as abdominal cramping, vomiting, and nausea 
  • Rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure 
  • Changes to sleeping patterns 

When detoxing from alcohol and opioids, withdrawal symptoms can lead to deadly complications. The most severe withdrawal symptoms occur in a small percentage of cases, approximately 10%; however, emergency medical assistance may not be provided in time without medical supervision. Some of the more severe withdrawal symptoms can include seizures, delirium tremens, and psychiatric issues that can lead to erratic and dangerous behaviors. In addition, acute withdrawal can sometimes bring about heart attacks, stroke, and respiratory arrest.

The Benefits of Going to a Drug Detox Center

At a drug detox center, medically supervised detox helps to ensure safety and medical intervention if necessary. During medically supervised detox, 24-hour monitoring by trained professionals, including nurses, behavioral health specialists, and doctors certified in addiction management. At a drug addiction rehab center where medically supervised detox is available, medications can be provided to alleviate the discomfort and minimize the risk associated with withdrawal. The detox process commonly lasts for three to seven days, depending on the individual, and medical supervision is essential throughout.

In addition to the physical symptoms of detox, emotional symptoms also arise. These emotional ups and downs are best managed with support from the trained professionals at a drug rehab center. This is especially true for those who have been abusing substances in an effort to numb other emotional pain or self-medicate an undiagnosed mental health disorder.

One more crucial reason to choose a drug detox center over detoxing alone is relapse. Relapse rates among people in recovery range from forty to sixty percent, and that number is the highest among those who try to detox alone.

Finding the Right Drug Addiction Rehab Center 

To ensure the best chances for success in rehab, it is essential to find the right drug detox center. At Bayshore Retreat in Destin, Fl,  our treatment programs combine traditional treatment methods with evidence-based holistic treatment options for compassionate, personalized, and renowned top-quality treatment.  Freedom from your addictions awaits you. Begin your journey to sobriety at Bayshore Retreat today.

At Bayshore Retreat we have extensive knowledge in treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand that Mental Health Disorders can be the root cause of substance abuse. We use the latest scientific research and holistic approach for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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