Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

While everyone is different, we have learned through the years that most individuals share a lot of the same questions and concerns when deciding on a drug treatment program and a facility.

  • Do you treat professionals?

    Yes. Bayshore Retreat is the perfect drug rehab for professionals with our exceptional, evidence-based addiction treatment. It’s ideal for licensed professionals such as physicians, nurses, airline pilots and attorneys as well as entrepreneurs, executives and motivated adults who seek comprehensive, individualized treatment. Finally professionals choose our drug treatment center for privacy and being able to stay in touch with family and business from day one.

  • What is your success rate?

    We could say 99% – because that’s the percentage of clients who finished their program at Bayshore Retreat. And maybe that’s the number that other facilities use when they say their success rate is 70-90%. All we know for sure is our clients love Bayshore, they always leave healthier, looking and feeling great. They also leave with tools, skills and new passions that will help them with their addictive behavior and relapse prevention. Finally, many stay in touch with us…some, ‘just to check in because they “miss” us and some, when they have an issue or problem that they feel we might be able to offer a different perspective. We’re a ...

  • What makes Bayshore Retreat better than other drug and alcohol treatment centers?

    Everything. We’re small, that’s important. Some even call us a boutique addiction treatment center. We’re personal, that’s important. We have an excellent program that can be adapted to each individual client. And we’re constantly looking for new ways to help our clients beat their addictions. We have a beautiful facility that offers a home environment. Everything we do at Bayshore Retreat is directed toward our clients’ needs and recovery. Our care and treatment is on level with many that are much more expensive, but not as personal. With only six (6) clients at a time, our focus is on Quality not Quantity.

  • How long is the program?

    Typically, our program is based on a 30 day stay. We understand that you can’t “cure” addiction in 30 days, but we provide a solid footing to getting better. If you and your loved ones feel that more time is needed, that can be arranged. By allowing you, the client, to participate in the development of your treatment plan, we allow you decide when you are ready to return to the “real world”. Many times clients choose to stay longer. While some centers charge for 60-90 days up front leaving the client trapped with either staying or losing the money invested in his/her recovery. We choose to take it one step at ...

  • How do I stay in contact with my family?

    You’re welcome to call home anytime you choose on our ‘house phone’. Unlike most drug and alcohol treatment centers our clients a bring their cell phones and laptops. Some clients ‘facetime’ their families for face to face chats and to say good night to loved ones. Families and/or friends also visit. We like to have the first couple of weeks without visitation to allow you to “get into the program” and focus just on yourself and your recovery. Since family is a big part of the addiction process it’s good to have communication and possibly a visit while at Bayshore.

  • Do we ever leave the facility?

    Yes is the answer to this question. For example you’ll go to a well equipped gym every weekday. On Saturday an activity is planned off-site. Located in beautiful Destin, Florida means there’s a wide range of activities to enjoy such as deep-sea fishing, golf, or snorkeling the jetties or something as low-key as seeing a movie. Saturday evening is also when the clients and a staff member go out to dinner. Sundays are also open days for the clients except for an evening group session. Those that choose to attend church service will go to the denomination they want (Synagogues is also available Saturdays).

  • Can I conduct business while at Bayshore?

    As much as we would prefer that you take this time to concentrate on getting better, we know that is not always feasible or even possible for some clients. At orientation you and the staff will develop a plan to allow you to continue to conduct your business while receiving treatment. And of course, you’ll have your cell phone and computer access. In essence, YES, you will be able to check in as needed.

  • What’s the food like?

    Our chefs can cook just about anything. From working at the #4 restaurant in the country to cooking on the road for bands, their repertoire is varied and delicious. They decide the menu while shopping for that day or after discussions with clients. Only the freshest ingredients are used. “Freezers are for popsicles and ice cream.” Real leg of lamb gyros or crab, bacon, and corn chowder might be for lunch. Pan-fried Snapper with a mango-jalapeno salsa, grilled asparagus and Basmati rice pilaf could be dinner. The only guarantees we give is that the food will be great and the clients’ taste and needs are first priority.

  • How about Insurance?

    Bayshore Retreat does not directly accept insurance because we will not sacrifice our clients’ success to a standard of care that has proven to be largely ineffective. We continue to do everything possible to keep our fees as low, however we will never compete with group based treatment programs. When insurance is available we begin by contacting the carrier to get all possible benefits. Since insurance companies pay after discharge, we do everything possible to ensure the guidelines, precertification and other details are met to assist with any possible reimbursement to you, however they will all state that there is NO GUARANTEE OF PAYMENT. Upon your discharge we’ll process the claim ...

  • How do I pay?

    We accept major credit cards and don’t charge the extra 2.5 to 3% extra for doing so. We also accept personal checks. We can also refer a couple companies which offers lending options of 0% interest for a 12-18 month. Clients generally know the answer as to qualifications within a few minutes after applying.

  • Are my records truly confidential?

    Yes, except as needed by insurance companies for client reimbursement. Clients who do not use insurance as a means of recovering some of the cost have no fear of their personal information being shared. We’re privately owned and receive no government funding, therefore reporting personal information regarding our clients isn’t necessary.

  • Where are you located and how do I get there?

    We’re in the ‘beautiful part of Florida”. It’s even called the Emerald Coast. We’re on a quiet bayou just on the Choctawhatchee Bay in Destin, FL. This is about 45 minutes east of Pensacola and 45 minutes west of Panama City. We have three airports near us… (VPS) in Ft. Walton Beach/Valpariso is the closest, and there’s one in Pensacola (PNS) and Panama City (ECP). Clients fly in from all parts of the country to one of these three. We pick them up and provide everything from there. Clients within driving distance also are generally delivered by a family member or friend. We’ll work with you to determine the best ...

  • We’ve had experience with other drug treatment centers and still the addiction persists, what makes you different?

    Everything. The fact that we’re small is the most obvious. Our clinical professionals and addiction specialists work with our clients to address their addiction, accompanying mood disorders and the impact the addiction may have had on family and career. Because we’re small we do many things for our clients that others can’t or won’t do. We treat the addiction for what it is with each client. Our non-12 step approach is to explore the reasons behind the addiction. Most places use the 12 step philosophy and group meetings for counseling. Others believe one must turn their life over to a ‘higher power’. We don’t discredit these entirely, if it works that’s ok. Our ...

  • Do you give medication for treatment?

    No. Having said that, we address his or her medical issues at the very beginning and help them through the initial days of withdrawal. More importantly, we don’t substitute addiction to one drug or another with an alternative drug like Suboxone or Methadone. Beyond that, our goal is to help our clients achieve optimum health without drugs, except for those needed for specific health reasons.

  • What is the age range?

    The youngest we can accept is 18 years of age. The oldest we’ve had come to Bayshore Retreat is 82. Clearly the older clients, even at 82, realize that they want a better quality of life and know that Bayshore Retreat will offer them a better chance of having it than a treatment center with hundreds. All clients at Bayshore love the individual attention they receive, regardless of age, and the home environment. Many clients have been to other drug treatment centers seeking help with addiction only to find that their treatment wasn’t much more than 12 step meetings. It’s those clients who truly appreciate the holistic and comprehensive treatment at ...

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