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Adapting to the new normal

How 2020 Has Changed How We Treat Addiction

Addiction in the United States touches millions of lives each year. Whether challenges related to alcohol, cocaine, opioids, or any other substance, addiction kills thousands of Americans every year.

An Overview of Addiction in America

Historically addiction was viewed as a choice or a moral failure of the individual, and therefore, those who struggled with addiction were stigmatized, and seeking treatment was often not an option. Fortunately, times and viewpoints related to addiction have changed. Addiction is now viewed as a mental illness for which treatment is encouraged. Addiction is a complex brain disease involving a compulsive need to use substances despite any adverse consequences. People who struggle with addiction have an intense and overwhelming need to use substances such as alcohol or drugs to the extent that it often takes over their lives. 

The statistics on addiction in America are quite disturbing and prove that addiction knows no limitations. A few of the most compelling addiction statistics have been outlined below.

  • Almost 21 million American’s have at least one addiction, but, of those, only 10% will receive treatment.
  • Approximately 90,000 people die annually from alcohol use. 
  • In 2017, approximately 48,000 people died from opioid overdose and an additional 15,000 from a Heroin overdose.  
  • Cocaine was responsible for one out of every five overdose deaths in 2017.
  • More than 90% of people who have an addiction began to drink or use drugs before turning 18.

The instance of substance use, including alcohol, opioids, benzodiazepines, and amphetamines, have been steadily rising over the last decade. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic’s emergence has only increased the difficulties for those with pre-existing addictions or a risk factor for addiction. The social isolation and stress related to COVID-19 can increase the susceptibility to substance misuse, addiction, and relapse. The consistent presence of disheartening and worrisome news can increase feelings of depression and anxiety among those with addictions. The increase in these emotional disturbances can lead to people turning to alcohol or other substances as coping mechanisms for stress and other triggers.

It is also important to note that those who abuse alcohol and drugs are at increased risk for COVID-19 and associated complications. Chronic substance use and abuse can lead to immune system compromise, respiratory difficulties, and cardiovascular system changes. All of the above can make one more susceptible to infection, including COVID-19. Addiction (and relapse) thrive on situations like those created due to COVID-19 isolation. If you are dealing with intense cravings, unexpected triggers, or symptoms of relapse, reach out to Bayshore Retreat for help with your addiction.

Getting Help for Addiction

Who is Bayshore Retreat?

Bayshore Retreat was born out of the need to fill a gap in substance abuse treatment options in the early part of the decade. The goal of Bayshore Retreat is to offer a “one-stop solution” for those in need of treatment for substance abuse disorders. Today there are thousands of addiction treatment centers throughout the United States, but Bayshore Retreat sets itself apart from the competition.

Our recovery center in Northern Florida offers holistic treatment opportunities to those struggling with addiction. Our unique care model provides each person who enters our program, specifically tailored treatment programs designed to meet their individual needs.

Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Destin, FL

Addiction Treatment Services

Explore our drug & alcohol substance abuse treatment services at our state-of-the-art, residential program in Destin, FL.


Detoxification is the first step to recovery. Letting your body release the toxins of drugs and alcohol. Bayshore Retreat's trained professionals are here to help you through this process.

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Residential Inpatient

Bayshore Retreat provides a quiet, discreet treatment for individuals with addiction. We believe treatment shouldn’t be a punishment this is why offer our home for your recovery.

Unique Therapies

Addiction is physical as well as mental, therefore we address the physical with healing dry sauna therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, vitamins and freshly prepared food prepared by an in-house chef.

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Aftercare & Beyond

Years of living with drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t magically end when clients leave a treatment center, even Bayshore Retreat. Long-lasting recovery is achievable through aftercare.

Why Addiction Treatment in 2020 is Changing

The Rise in Addiction Due to Quarantine

COVID-19 has put profound and unfamiliar stress on our healthcare system. These stressors are not limited to emergency rooms and intensive care units; they translate to treatment and recovery services as well.

As medical facilities enact required safety and containment measures for COVID-19, such as physical distancing and closing public spaces, it becomes harder for those with addictions to seek help, maintain their treatment regimen or access much needed social support groups. 

Economic stress is proving to be a significant outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic. While many workers have been allowed to work remotely, this is not the case for all. Several workers have found themselves unemployed and unsure of how to continue paying monthly bills and supporting their families.

Studies show that drug use increases during times of recession as unemployment increases psychological and emotional distress. Also, deaths from drugs, alcohol, and suicide are the highest in regions experiencing profound economic difficulty.

Mental Health Problems Due to Isolation

Physical distancing and mandatory self-isolation are a new idea for many Americans, and even those without a pre-existing mental illness struggle to adapt to the “new normal.” The stress and fear associated with a pandemic can bring about overwhelming and stressful emotions.

It can also cause increased anxiety, worsening of pre-existing mental health conditions, disordered eating and sleeping, and, in some cases, trauma that will remain present after the immediate concerns of the pandemic subside. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that the COVID-19 pandemic may increase mental health concerns but also inhibit and limit treatment for those in recovery. 

The Addiction Treatment Process in 2020

Addiction commonly results in isolation for those struggling with substance abuse. Many treatment protocols strive to return the user to a drug-free life through family support, socialization, and therapeutic individual and group sessions. Unfortunately, the social distancing requirements which have been put in place as a protection against the COVID-19 pandemic have made many of these ongoing treatment needs challenging.

Many drug addiction treatment centers are still open and available to treat the needs of those struggling with addiction. Although the treatment process may look a little different, Covid-19 has not dampened the demand for treatment nor the availability of many exceptional treatment programs, which are just a phone call away.

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A Personalized Approach

Your Addiction Treatment Options at Bayshore Retreat

At Bayshore Retreat located in Destin, Florida, we believe in the vital importance of individualized treatment plans for each of our patients. Our highly trained therapy providers are skilled in identifying and treating your addition’s root causes and conditions. All addiction is not created equal, and therefore cookie-cutter treatments are not successful.

The first step in successful addiction treatment is detoxification. Detoxification is the process by which your body rids itself of drugs and alcohol in preparation for entering residential treatment.

Detoxification can be difficult and, in some cases, dangerous. Consequently, it is essential to undergo detoxification in a safe and medically monitored program at our Destin, Florida location.

The core of our North Florida treatment program revolves around residential inpatient treatment. Overcoming substance abuse requires commitment and time. Although the “standard” residential inpatient stay is 30 days, we generally recommend our clients stay for about 45 days.

Aftercare planning and aftercare treatment are essential to ongoing recovery. After receiving treatment at Bayshore Retreat in Destin, Florida, we provide aftercare programs designed to help prevent relapse and help keep our alumni focused on their recovery. Our aftercare programs are designed specifically to meet the individual’s recovery needs and include crucial elements such as outpatient treatment, sober living, support groups, and individual or group counseling. situation from turning into a relapse.

The Cost of Addiction

Addiction affects not only the individual but their family, friends, and society as a whole. Chronic addiction has physical effects and emotional effects on the individual who uses, but these effects often extend to their family and loved ones. 

The Physical Effects of Addiction

Addiction can result in a variety of mental and physical health problems. Drug and alcohol addiction impact virtually every part of the human body and these impacts can range from mild symptoms to severe or potentially fatal health problems.

Addiction can impact the cardiovascular system leading to heart disease and heart failure and the respiratory system leading to chronic illnesses such as bronchitis and lung cancer. Long term addiction can also cause kidney and liver damage, some of which can be life-threatening. Your stomach and reproductive systems are also impacted.

In some cases, addiction can lead to stomach ulcers, stomach cancers, and permanent damage to the intestines. Chronic drug and alcohol use can affect fertility and sexual function and negatively impact the health of an unborn child. Last but not least, long term drug and alcohol abuse change the brain in significant ways. Some substances impair or alter how the brain functions by disrupting its ability to communicate with the rest of the body. Other substances can result in changes in the brain’s size and how the brain processes chemicals and signals. 

The Emotional Price of Addiction

The cost of addiction is not always financial—the effects of drug abuse impact all family unit members from parents and siblings to spouses and children. Despite the passing of legislation mandating insurance coverage for drug and alcohol treatment, many of those in the United States who need addiction treatment cannot get it because they lack insurance or their families cannot afford it.

Often, families have to relocate to another state to find affordable substance abuse treatment, or individuals have to spend time far from home to find a program they can afford. Also, the emotional challenges of watching a loved one struggle with addiction can have an adverse effect on the health of the family unit.

Money, Time & Your Life

Depending on the substance or substances used, the average daily cost of addiction in the United States is quite staggering. Individually, addiction may cost up to $200 per day. On a grander scale, the estimated cost to society for ongoing drug use exceeds $740 billion annually and puts a massive strain on healthcare and law enforcement organizations. Sadly, despite national efforts to curb opioid and substance abuse epidemics, the rate of death has continued to rise in the last decade.

According to a report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in January of 2020, just over 67,000 Americans died from a drug-involved overdose in 2018. This number includes those overdoses from illicit drugs and prescription opioids.

To put this into context, just a mere decade ago in 2010, the number of fatalities pertaining to illicit drugs and prescription opioids was just over 38,000. As the rate of use in the United States continues to rise, the fatality data for 2019 and 2020 may well be the highest we’ve seen in recent history. 

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The Bayshore Retreat Promise

At Bayshore Retreat, we offer our clients the unique experience of treatment tailored to meet their individual needs. Our renowned expert staff are here to ensure you receive quality treatment and lasting recovery.

At Bayshore Retreat, we offer a holistic treatment program designed to treat all aspects of your addiction. We understand where addiction treatment is concerned, one size does not fit all. Therefore one size treatments are not going to be successful.

Addiction doesn’t take a day off, and decades of experience have proven that early intervention is the key to a successful recovery. Freedom from substance addiction awaits you at Bayshore Retreat. Don’t wait, call us today! 

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