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Inpatient Rehab

Finding the Right Rehab

So many things you read about treatment, rehab, recovery, etc. seem to focus on the immediacy and/or urgency of getting help for addiction. I guess, from a business model, that makes sense. After all, the goal of inpatient rehabs is to fill the beds and most have hundreds to fill. Well, honestly, that can be a problem at Bayshore Retreat as well. We only have 6 clients at a time –  yes I said 6 – and it’s important to have people that will be comfortable with each other. What I will tell you is that we will not deceive you in order to help you. If we’re not the best fit we’ll try to direct you to one that might be.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve read most of the rest of our website. Well, what you see is what you get, warts and all. None of the photos are doctored (although I think the picture of mom and I could use a little photoshop or maybe botox). We aren’t smoke and mirrors and we don’t have a man behind a curtain.

A couple of years ago I had a whole nuclear family come by for a tour of Bayshore. I’m talking the mother, father, and brother had come with the daughter who needed help to check us out. So after the tour, the family and I are sitting in my office talking about what kind of treatment services we provide. Well, needless to say, I’m not a salesperson. I have much too colorful of a vocabulary and much too small of a filter for anyone in their right mind to want me to be the spokesperson or the bobblehead on TV faking empathy and concern.

Anyway, the family asked me a lot of really good questions and I provided honest answers. Some of their questions I didn’t have answer to and rather than BS them I told them so. After an hour or so, I’m looking at the mom and she has this skeptical look on her face as she leans back into the sofa with her arms crossed. I asked her if she was okay or had my choice of words finally offended her. She said no, but that we sounded too good to be true, that we sounded real and that for some reason she trusted me to help her daughter. Of course at that point I told her that that was a relief and and asked if could we all leave the house before the owner got home. (Another of my quick wit comments that I couldn’t resist.)

That is the biggest compliment I, or we at Bayshore, can be given. For families to entrust us with the treatment and care of their loved ones is a huge leap of faith (and still being honest, finances). That is not a responsibility I feel anyone in this field should take lightly or flippantly. Unfortunately, so many do take this life-changing decision and moment with less than honest intent. It’s a sad state of affairs when someone’s life is being brokered like you are on a used car lot.

That’s all I got this week except for one more thing…the daughter? Well, she came to us and is doing great!  by Jeff  (the son)  Oct. 21, 2014

At Bayshore Retreat we have extensive knowledge in treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand that Mental Health Disorders can be the root cause of substance abuse. We use the latest scientific research and holistic approach for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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