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It’s Okay To Not Have All The Answers All The Time

Go ahead and admit it. Sometimes, you are clueless as to what you should do, say, think or even feel. It is okay. Anyone who thinks that he has all the answers all the time is lying to himself and those around him.

Indecision and confusion are part of growing. Being able to admit to them is a sign of maturing.

Frequently, the reason we don’t know how to react to a situation is obvious. We might be experiencing something so new and so far removed from anything we’ve ever seen before that we have no basis for comparison. For example, imagine electing a community organizer as President of the United States (I know I’m being totally unrealistic with that example, but humor me). If that were to happen, I imagine we all would understand if he was unsure and inconsistent in his actions. We’d answer his cries for help if he bothered to make them.

It’s okay to be out of your comfort zone as long you admit it and look for guidance.

Other times, our uncertainty or confusion are signs that we might not be prepared mentally or emotionally to handle a situation. We’ve all seen people “shut down” or even faint when presented with news they aren’t ready to process or accept. A natural defense mechanism kicks in to protect us. I think of the Kit-Kat Bar commercial, “Give me a break.”

When you are mentally and emotionally prepared to make a decision, you will. Don’t pressure yourself or allow yourself to be pressured.

Lastly, sometimes we feel like we “just know” the answer. Occasionally, we are right. Mostly though, we aren’t. Once again, it’s okay to be wrong or not have a clue. Life is a classroom. We grow from every moment we experience, right or wrong.

Truth is a constant that changes constantly in our perception,
as we grow capable of perceiving it.

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