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Removing the Addiction Label

Removing the addiction label might be one of the hardest things one does as he or she goes through the drug and alcohol recovery process. Once family and friends have suffered through the years of worry and frustrations of dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction, they’re slow to accept that things have changed. This is difficult for both parties, the individual trying to ‘prove him or herself’ and those who want to ‘believe’, but are surrounded by doubt. It’s similar to trying to remove a price or information label from a package – no matter what one tries, it just won’t go away. In fact, some never go away entirely, there’s always a mark that it was there.

This is also where many drug treatment centers fail by not addressing the individual, thus compounding the problem of wasted money and effort. The courts, society, and the world has been conditioned that “once an addict, always an addict”. A label that is far from true and very unfair. At Bayshore Retreat we work very hard to provide the confidence and counseling to resolve personal issues for our clients. Drug treatment at most places is predictable with a ‘one size fits all’ label. This is where Bayshore Retreat in beautiful Destin, Florida could labeled as ‘One of a Kind’, because we address our six clients as the individuals they are and help them succeed where most other drug treatment centers fail. Recovery is possible with the proper counseling and exit or after care plan in place and implemented.

At Bayshore Retreat we have extensive knowledge in treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand that Mental Health Disorders can be the root cause of substance abuse. We use the latest scientific research and holistic approach for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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