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Continuity of Care:

Serving Your Aftercare Needs

At Bayshore, we recognize that the hard work of recovery does not end just because you have completed residential treatment. Indeed, it is in the days, weeks, and months following in-patient treatment that you are likely to need the greatest amount of support. After all, it is in this critical phase that you are learning to cultivate your new sober identity and to integrate your recovery into your ordinary daily life and relationships.

In this stage, you are truly learning how to manage life’s inevitable challenges, from the daily stressors of work and family to the inevitable frustrations and disappointments that are all part and parcel of living and being in the world, without turning to drugs or alcohol to help you make it through the day. In this important and particularly vulnerable stage of your recovery, you are developing essential coping skills to navigate the challenges of “adulting” today. You are learning to embrace new and healthier strategies for finding comfort, calm, entertainment, and pleasure. Above all, you are honing your ability to live a productive, fulfilling, ordinary life, one in which your recovery is an important element of your daily reality but not the sole or central focus, as it (necessarily) was when you were in residential care.

The stark reality is that addiction is a disease prone to relapse. According to estimates from the National Institute for Drug Abuse, as many as 60% of persons in recovery will relapse. But a history of dependency does not mean you are doomed to a future of dependency.

What it does mean, however, is that you should not, cannot, and indeed must not take your aftercare for granted. Your aftercare plan, in fact, continues, extends, and expands on the critical work you did in residential care. While an in-patient, you detoxified your body from the substances that were destroying your body and dominating your mind. You also laid the foundations for a healthy, happy, dependency-free life.

It’s when you leave in-patient care that you begin to put into practice the skills that you developed largely in theory–or at least in the more sheltered confines of residential treatment. 

Leaving in-patient care and returning to your ordinary life means learning to manage triggers, to deal with cravings, to take responsibility for working your program. This is why it is not just helpful but vital to have a robust, specific, and ever-ready aftercare plan in place even before you leave residential care.

This ultra high-level of aftercare planning and support is what our multidisciplinary team of recovery experts at Bayshore provides. We are proud to partner with our clients to define their short-term and long-range recovery needs and goals. Then we marshal our expertise to ensure those needs are well served and those goals are supported by connecting our clients with highly qualified specialists in their home communities. The connection forged with Bayshore Retreat’s staff doesn’t end when your treatment does, and our team remains deeply invested in your well-being. Not only can you remain connected with us, but we also ensure that when our clients leave residential care, they do so with the most comprehensive, customized support network already activated and ready to care for them in the first weeks and months of outpatient recovery–and beyond. 

Because we recognize that recovery is a holistic lifestyle, our aftercare networks include not only medical, mental health, and behavioral healthcare but also related services. We encourage connecting with a range of highly-qualified service professionals, from nutritionists to acupuncturists to massage therapists, to enable you to continue to access and use the recovery tools you embraced while at Bayshore.  

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Continue Your Journey of Recovery in North Florida

It all comes back to the idea that recovery isn’t a destination.

It’s a journey and a way of life that needs to be worked on and nurtured. Sober living is something that takes active involvement. It takes creating a new network of sober friends, activities and interests. The passionate pursuit of 

An aftercare plan makes starting those things significantly easier. The more time you invest in building a clean and sober life that keeps you accountable the fewer situations you’ll find yourself in that could potentially lead to a relapse.

That’s the power of planning.


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Detoxification is the first step to recovery. Letting your body release the toxins of drugs and alcohol. Bayshore Retreat's trained professionals are here to help you through this process.

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Bayshore Retreat provides a quiet, discreet treatment for individuals with addiction. We believe treatment shouldn’t be a punishment this is why offer our home for your recovery.

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Addiction is physical as well as mental, therefore we address the physical with healing dry sauna therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, vitamins and freshly prepared food prepared by an in-house chef.

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Aftercare & Beyond

Years of living with drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t magically end when clients leave a treatment center, even Bayshore Retreat. Long-lasting recovery is achievable through aftercare.

It may be overwhelming.

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