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A Haven For Healing:

Residential In-Patient Care at Bayshore

Addiction is not an enemy to be battled with half-measures. The fight requires every resource you can muster—and some which you cannot. That is where the caring team at Bayshore comes in.

Our residential in-patient care program enables you to focus solely on your recovery, to channel all your precious time, focus, and energy in one critical direction–the direction of healing, health, and wholeness. Not only do we provide a haven of privacy and seclusion in which you can nurture your recovery, but we also offer comprehensive, customized care solutions to support you through the often frightening and always mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting first days and weeks of recovery.

Our mission, ultimately, is to provide our clients with the resources, expertise, and care you need to endure, push past the pain of detox, and stand steadfast when cravings and withdrawal threaten to drag you back down into the abyss of addiction. We help you tap into reserves of strength you didn’t know you had. And when your motivation fails you in these challenging first weeks of sobriety, we are here to pick you up, to remind you of the power you possess and of the healthy, happy, dependency-free future you and your loved ones deserve.

The Bayshore Difference

At Bayshore, we understand that recovery is a painful and frightening process, and because of this, we strive to make your experience as comfortable as possible. Our beautiful facility is ideally situated on the coast of northern Florida, where our residents can drink in the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast.

Our property offers unparalleled privacy and seclusion, allowing you to focus on your recovery without fearing the intrusions of the outside world. Because we serve only six clients at a time, you will have the opportunity to nurture your recovery in a home-like setting where you can cultivate friendships and support systems that can endure for a lifetime.

While in residence at Bayshore, you will enjoy homemade meals lovingly prepared in our gourmet kitchen. You will have access to a range of services to support your comfort and help you establish the foundations of a more engaged and rewarding sober lifestyle post-residency. This includes opportunities to engage in music and art therapy, participate in yoga and meditation classes, learn about nutrition and healthy meal preparation, and enjoy massage and sauna treatments.

In addition to Bayshore’s many luxurious amenities, we are proud to offer advanced, comprehensive, evidence-based medical and mental health care onsite. Our multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychiatrists, therapists, and addiction recovery specialists provide individual, group, and family counseling services. Our clinicians are also licensed and certified to provide pharmacological care as needed for the management of detoxification and withdrawal symptoms and co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Bayshore’s onsite medical and mental healthcare teams are also uniquely qualified to
support our clients through the detoxification process. We have the expertise and resources on campus to ensure our residents’ safety and comfort during the difficult first days and weeks of substance withdrawal. Not only does ready access to clinical care during detox decrease the likelihood of relapse, but it also reduces the risk of significant or long-term harm should a medical or mental health emergency arise during detox.

Because we recognize the critical role of family support in addiction recovery, our residential program prioritizes family engagement. Our multidisciplinary teams take pride in collaborating with clients and their loved ones to define personalized recovery plans that incorporate as well as serve the entire family.

Our goal, ultimately, is to take full advantage of the unique and powerful opportunities afforded by residential, in-patient care to prepare our clients and their loved ones for a bright and happy future free of drugs and alcohol once our residents return to their homes, lives, and families.

Change Your Life Forever.

Find Your Path to Freedom at Bayshore Retreat

Whatever aspects of what we offer make the most sense are the ingredients we use to create your specific treatment regimen. What works for someone else may not be what clicks with you and we value your individuality.

Our inpatient drug rehab in Destin, FL is predicated on you.

Addiction takes its toll on our entire being. It warps the mind and ravages the body. Getting away from it all and focusing on recovery with the guidance of a caring team is what clears the way for you to ultimately walk the path to freedom.


Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Destin, FL

Addiction Treatment Services

Explore our drug & alcohol substance abuse treatment services at our state-of-the-art, residential program in Destin, FL.


Detoxification is the first step to recovery. Letting your body release the toxins of drugs and alcohol. Bayshore Retreat's trained professionals are here to help you through this process.

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Residential Inpatient

Bayshore Retreat provides a quiet, discreet treatment for individuals with addiction. We believe treatment shouldn’t be a punishment this is why offer our home for your recovery.

Unique Therapies

Addiction is physical as well as mental, therefore we address the physical with healing dry sauna therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, vitamins and freshly prepared food prepared by an in-house chef.

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Aftercare & Beyond

Years of living with drug or alcohol addiction doesn’t magically end when clients leave a treatment center, even Bayshore Retreat. Long-lasting recovery is achievable through aftercare.

It may be overwhelming.

We're Here for You.

Bayshore Retreat works with most major insurance carriers and offers luxury treatment at an affordable rate in order to help you or your loved one in finding their path to recovery. Call us now to take action and find your personal path to recovery from substance abuse.

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