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Ways to Measure Your Real Progress During Addiction Recovery

When you enter into substance abuse treatment, you know the journey ahead is going to be long and filled with both challenges and accomplishments. A life free of alcohol or drug use is worth fighting for, and you’re prepared to go the distance to reclaim your life from the grips of addiction. Recovery can look different for everyone, which is why it’s frustrating when someone recovering from an addiction feels that their progress isn’t what it should be.

Many people tend to think of addiction recovery as a straight path from point A to point B where abstinence and sobriety slowly become the norm. The truth is the recovery process is infinitely more complex than this, which can make progress difficult to measure.

It’s often better for a person going through the recovery process to measure their progress in a number of ways, rather than through a singular, narrow lens. Here are just a few of the ways you can successfully and accurately measure your success during recovery.


Keep a Journal

When you’re in the thick of addiction recovery, the days can blend together. There will be days that are more difficult than others, and without a concrete reminder of your daily progress, it can feel as though you’ve been stuck spinning your wheels.

It can be difficult to put your thoughts down into words, especially in the beginning. However, just taking even 5-10 minutes a day and making notes about what you’re feeling, in what ways you’re feeling accomplished or challenged can put the scope of your recovery journey in perspective.


Reduction In Withdrawal Symptoms

When you first enter recovery, the intensity of physical withdrawal symptoms can be intense. As those begin to subside, the emotional side of withdrawal can still take longer to work through. When measuring your progress during recovery, it can be helpful to look at how you’ve overcome the symptoms of withdrawal this far, and how the challenges of withdrawal have changed.

Once you’ve made it past the intensity of physical withdrawal, you worked toward an incredible accomplishment. Each time you move a day further away from the moment you knew you needed help, is a day where withdrawal has less of a grip on you.


Realize that There Can Be Progress Without Action

Not all the progress you make during addiction recovery and substance abuse treatment can be tangibly measured. There will be days when progress involves nothing more than taking a deep breath and getting through the day. Each time you make a conscious decision to not turn towards drugs or alcohol is progress. It isn’t necessary to measure your success by major actions or milestones alone.


Private, Personalized Drug and Alcohol Recovery

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