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Why Choose An Optional 12-Step Rehab Program?

The 12-step approach to addiction recovery has been considered the “gold standard” for addiction support groups since Alcoholics Anonymous first developed it in the 1930s. Since its inception, Alcoholics Anonymous has upheld its mission of providing free, confidential help to alcoholics and those struggling with other addictions who have a desire to stop drinking or using. But what happens if someone wants to get sober, but is opposed to the principles of 12-step recovery or are turned off by the spiritual focus of the program? For these reasons, we offer optional 12 steps, but not required, for those seeking addiction recovery.

What Is an Optional or Non 12-Step Rehab Program?

Traditional 12-step programs are not the only option for those who have made a commitment to stop using drugs or drinking. Although 12-step programs welcome all (regardless of faith), the 12-step approach is not suitable for everyone. Non-12-step rehab programs are available for those who prefer a secular or non-spiritual approach to rehab. 

Like 12-step programs, non-12-step rehab programs promote abstinence from substances. However, many secular programs place less emphasis on the influence of a higher power than 12-step programs. Also, there is a stronger sense of self-empowerment in non-12-step rehab programs, as many programs avoid labeling addiction as a “disease.”

Some treatment components common to non-12-step rehab include:

  • Medically supervised detox from drugs or alcohol
  • Medication therapy to help manage withdrawal symptoms
  • Dual-diagnosis addiction treatment for co-existing medical or mental health conditions
  • Individual counseling using evidence-based techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Family or couples counseling
  • Participation in non-12-step support groups

Benefits of Optional 12-Step Rehab Programs

For many seeking addiction rehab, there are a variety of reasons to choose an optional 12-step rehab program. Two of the most common being either they object to traditional programs’ spiritual orientation and prefer a more secular approach, or they object to the idea that addiction is a disease beyond their control.

Programs centered around the secular approach empower their members by teaching them how to create healthy, sober lives through effective communication skills, honesty and openness, self-care, accountability, and recovery planning. This non-12-step approach to recovery is centered on the cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) model. CBT aims to modify negative behaviors and thought patterns that cause those struggling with substance abuse disorders to continue using despite adverse consequences. 

Not all addiction (and mental health) treatment facilities accept the idea that addiction is a disease beyond control. CBT approaches to addiction treatment approach substance abuse as a chronic series of learned behaviors that can be substituted with new strategies to achieve and maintain sobriety. The critical elements to CBT that are used on non-12-step programs generally include coping skills training, managing cravings, managing emotional responses (triggers), and changing negative thought patterns.

Find Recovery at Bayshore Retreat

At Bayshore Retreat in Destin, Florida, we use a holistic, optional 12-step drug and alcohol treatment approach. We understand that substances use disorders are physical and mental, so it is essential to address all aspects of the addiction. In addition to alternative therapies, comprehensive nutrition, and evidence-based therapies, we strive to help clients heal their minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Bayshore Retreat provides quiet, discreet treatment for individuals wanting to overcome addiction. Our treatment center offers all the comforts of home in a positive, judgment-free environment. At Bayshore Retreat, we believe addiction treatment that takes place in a positive, home environment can help ensure a successful transition process when you return home. 

Ongoing sobriety is the primary goal of treatment at Bayshore Retreat, and therefore, we ensure each client leaves our program with a plan for sobriety created with the help of the Bayshore Team. If you are ready to seek addiction treatment, don’t wait another day. Learn more and contact us today.

At Bayshore Retreat we have extensive knowledge in treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. We understand that Mental Health Disorders can be the root cause of substance abuse. We use the latest scientific research and holistic approach for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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